Not yet available in Canada, dosist is a cannabis-based health and wellness company, that offers dose-controlled cannabis through its proprietary medical-grade vaporizer, the dose pen™. dosist provides safe access to the positive benefits of cannabis through their six proprietary formulas: bliss, sleep, calm, relief, arouse, passion. Each formula helps target a specific human need to deliver safe and effective treatments, whether it is to help reduce pain and inflammation, get a better night’s sleep, decrease anxiety, elevate happiness, or improve sexual performance. The innovative product features intuitive design which vibrates aftera complete 2.25mg dose, ensuring a consistent, targeted, and effective experience with each use.

Originally founded in California, dosist Canada will be based in Vancouver. Since its launch in 2016 the brand has received much acclaim:

  • TIME MAGAZINE: One of Top 25 Inventions of 2016
  • FAST COMPANY: Finalist in 2017 World Changing Ideas competition
  • GQ: Best Stuff of 2017
  • FAST COMPANY: 2018 Top 10 innovative companies in health sector
  • Celeb following including Gwyneth Paltrow

dosist is at the forefront of changing the conversation around cannabis and revolutionizing its use as a therapeutic wellness solution. Using innovation backed by science and technology, the brand is committed to offering a completely natural tool that will help Canadians view cannabis in a new light and empower them to manage their own wellness.

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